Rejected Sources Series

This series of articles looks at various sources which have been claimed to represent bowed string instruments, but have been rejected. Some of these examples are quite well known, and others more obscure. In all cases we seek to explain the reasons why the source does not appear in the iconography database.

c.826 Utrecht Psalter - COMING SOON

Often touted the earliest depiction of bowed stringed instruments, but now widely recognised as incorrect.

c.1100-119 Cover of the Lothar Psalter - COMING SOON

Identified by Werner Bachman (who discredited the Utrecht Psalter) as a bowed rote. A case of seeing things that aren't there?

c.1775-1799 Watercolor of musician playing bowed qin(?)

Not a well known source, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art's given title suggests a bowed instrument.