Get Involved!

There are several methods of helping, and being involved with the project. 

Spread the word

Tell your friends and colleagues about the project. The more people who know about us, the more people will contibute, making the project better for everybody.

Identify sources

We have a lot of images we need help to identify, and there are many sources we do not yet know about yet. We are always excited to get to know about new sources and receive information about existing sources.

If you are able to provide information about a source, or believe information we have provided needs correction, please let us know by contacting us.

Take photos

Iconography research cannot function without quality imagery. You can share your photographs with us on our Flickr group.

Whilst Flickr is great, please consider becoming a contributor (see below!) and upload your photos directly to us where additional information can be provided.

Register with the Project!Coming Soon!

Registering with the project will be FREE!  An account allows you to submit images directly to us, and if you are a researcher we can provide access to full sized images rather than just the thumbnails available to the general public.


Contributors can directly upload images to make us aware of new sources or better quality images. Being a contributor means we can ask for more details about an image. This helps reduce the workload on our  curators who are all volunteers.

We have no commercial interest in your photos, we only require that photos may be used by the project for promotion of the project, with full credit, and you accept that the photo will be added to our database.

Contributors may also provide us with images which they do not own the rights to. This is in accordance with Copyright law that allows another party to collect the source material for researchers.

Associate Researcher

This level of access is for those who have a research need and wish to use the sources as well as contribute. Associate researchers have access to full size images. Research needs are not confined to scholarly/academic work and you may be a musician, luthier, bow maker, or musiologist, but you do need to describe why you need access to the material in order to satisfy copyright law. We make no judgements regarding your research interest, we are just required to ascertain that you have such an interest so we can then give you appropriate access under copyright law.  Associate researchers may also take part in discussions on the sources and images.

Passionate about the Project? Become a Curator

Curators look after the database to ensure that it presents high quality and accurate information with cited sources as much as possible. We welcome requests from anyone who has a passion for the project and is willing to contribute in this manner. After signing up as a researcher you may make a request to become a curator. Of course this is where we like to get to know about you a little bit - this isn't Wikipedia!