Here you will find articles relating to bowed string instrument history, iconography and research.


  • Pearce, Barry. "Iconographic terminology and the digital age" (Dec 2021)
    This article discusses and propose improved terminology for iconography. It was published by FoMRHI in FoMRHI Quarterly 156 Comm-2172: 24-25 (December 2021).​​​​​​
  • Pearce, Barry. "Measuring Presence: handling ambiguity and uncertainty in iconographic survey" (Oct 2021)
    This article describes an improved method for iconographic survey. It was published by FoMRHI in FoMRHI Quarterly 155 as Comm-2166: 38-44 (October 2021).
  • Pearce, Barry. “The Specification of String Instrument String Configurations”  version 2 (Dec 2020)
    This article describes a compact and concise method of specifying string configurations such as off-board strings, courses, single and sympathetic strings. The specification is database friendly and can easily be searched. This article aims to help move towards a common standard for use in organology and morphology.
  • Pearce, Barry. “Data Sets & Data Sharing”  (Dec 2020, updated Feb 2021)
    This article looks in detail at how BSIP referencing and the BSIP database can support data set sharing, to solve some of the problems present in musicology research.
  • Pearce, Barry. “Improving Musicology Research Methods”  (Feb 2019)
    This article looks at the problems inherent in the use of iconography in musicology research and how the BSIP database supports a new way of working in the digital age.

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