• FAQ 
    Answers to some of the common questions that are asked.
  • Glossary
    Descriptions of the terminology used on the website and especially within the Insight Research Platform (IRP).

IRP: the Insight Research Platform

  • IRP User Guide: IRP Overview
    Introduces the main parts of the IRP and explains basic layout and controls. This is a great place to start learning about the IRP!
  • IRP User Guide: Research Target Visual Location - Pins & Pulses (COMING SOON!)
    An in depth look at the pins & pulses visual locators in SIV, what they are about, and how to turn them off & on.
  • IRP User Guide: How to find...
    Describes the various methods of finding sources in the BSIP Database and provides guidance on what to use depending on what you know about the source(s) already. It includes advice on searching for portraits of people/families/groups and mass-produced items such as prints.
  • IRP User Guide: Advanced Search  (COMING SOON!)
    A guide to finding sources using the simple search.

BSIP Database Policies