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Its been 5 years since the project began and a lot of sources have been collected. These are waiting to be properly catalogued. With the new iconography database software online this process will start - and we will be needing help. Please see how to Get Involved!






Tech Preview!

We are pleased to release our first technical preview of the Iconography Research Platform (IRP). This preview puts in place our IIIF image server which will be used to serve all our images. Please click on the image to the right, or here to see the IRP preview!

There is, of course, a lot of functionality to come - it is after all just a preview! When the panels for the metadata are put in you'll be able to see full information about the image and each of the identified research targets. The IRP will come with extensive search facilities, and the styling will be more refined than you see in this prototype.

We express our thanks to the Rijksmuseum for the image used in the tech preview. Here at BSIP we love the Rijksmuseum and their approach to making high resolution images available. Please do visit them and enjoy their website and museum. The picture used is:

c.1615 Anonymous
Elegant Party on a Terrace of a Venetian-inspired Setting
Rijksmuseum SK-A-1441

While this isn't much, we hope this gives a flavour of the viewer, and of things to come!

See the BSIP IRP Tech Preview!

The tech preview shows how instruments, bows and musicians are individually identified on the images, and showcases the basic image viewer. You can deep zoom the image, and show/hide the research target (instrument, bow and musician) markers and/or their visual pulses. The markers also have popovers to tell you which is which. (The popovers aren't working in full screen mode initiated from the toolbar - but do work if fullscreen mode is initiated from the image viewer. This is something that will be ironed out!).

The markers and pulses are used to help quickly identify the location of research targets. For many images this isn't important, but for some sources it can be very hard to locate the items of interest.